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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide serious sales and business training to Yoga studio owners and franchisees and make Yoga a viable career with an income that is honest, substantial and respected. There is a major difference between a serious business and a sorority and most Yoga studios today are run like sororities.

On the other side of the coin is the yoga student. There is a large segment of the population coming into the health, wellness and Yoga market, namely the Baby Boomers that need special attention and individualized help. 1 on 1 Yoga provides age appropriate Private Lessons in Yoga so that they too can experience the undisputed benefits of Yoga.

1 on 1 Yoga strives to provide Yoga Teachers, especially the female teachers, a viable opportunity to earn a livable income as a teacher, manager or studio owner. Currently, most yoga teachers are 1099 independent contractors with no health insurance or retirement plans. The long term security for most yoga teachers is bleak at best. Their financial security can only be achieved by finding income in another industry. 1 on 1 Yoga is striving to “professionalize” the vocation of teaching yoga where the teachers can dedicate their lives to their art and retire financially secure with dignity.

Our mission as a franchisor of yoga is to grow the access to professional personal service yoga studios that are dedicated helping people get fit, get well and stay healthy.

Yoga does more than just make people fit. It transforms their mental state to a place of peace and tranquility. Yoga changes lives. The mantra of all yoga, regardless of style is Mind – Body – Spirit.

1 on 1 Yoga Franchise is seeking entrepreneurs and investors that are interested in the values that yoga exemplifies in addition to one of the quickest Return on Investment compared to other fitness industries.