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Yoga Industry Demographics

Yoga is a 27 billion dollar a year business – Somebody is making an awful amount of money – And it’s not the teachers.

Over 20 million adult Americans currently practice Yoga. That’s up from 4 million in 2001.

Yoga is the #1 in terms of growth says Sporting Trends – 8% of USA non-practitioners say they are interested in Yoga – 4.1% say they will take Yoga in the next 12 months.

Yoga practitioners are 72.2% female and 27.8% male.

81.6% of Yoga Practitioners are from the age of 18 to 54

44% of Yoga Practitioners earn over $75,000/yr. – 24% over $100,000/yr.

71.4% of Yoga practitioners are college graduates

Yoga is growing at the rate of 20% to 22% per year